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Our History

Dona Arepa, Inc., came into existence in June of 1987.  Dona Arepa, Inc.

manufactures, markets and distributes the exquisite original South

America delicacy the “ Arepa de choclo” (maiz) also known as "Cachapas"

in Venezuela. The inception of this product began approximately twenty

years ago in Miami, Florida,  U.S.A.


Our Mission

To be the best tasting, commercialy available "arepa" in the world...

The content of our “ arepa de choclo “ consists of a very tender  and sweet

corn patty  sliced in half, with mozzarella cheese in between.  Unique to

our product is the great tasting combination of the sweet corn and  the salty

mozzarella cheese.  This combination makes a very delicious and nutritious

food item,  which has been widely accepted within the multicultural surroundings

of South Florida, Puerto Rico, Chicago and New York.


Company Profile

The success by Dona Arepa, Inc., is attributable to the numerous outdoor events  that

we have participated all year-round in South Florida, Puerto Rico, Chicago and New

York, such as fairs, art and music festivals, and other special events. These events

enable us to reach thousand of people who are fascinated with the unique and delicious

 taste of the “arepa”.


Due to popular demand, towards the end of 1993, Dona Arepa, Inc., began wholesale

distribution of the “arepa” through various supermarket chains  and wholesale

membership clubs.  Among some of these are the well known Costco Wholesale, BJ’ Club,

 Jetro Cash & Carry, GFS-Henry Lee, Sedanos Supermarkets, Publix SuperMarkets,

Winn-Dixie Supermarkets and Walmart.  In addtion, Dona Arepa, Inc., has wholesale

distributors ( El Sembrador, Productos Kikuet ), that furnish independently owned

stores throughout South Florida and Puerto Rico.


Dona Arepa, Inc., is a minority and a veteran owned company.


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